2012 New Years Resolutions

I know some people are all “I’m not making a New Years Resolution b/c I’ll just break it.” I, however, am not like that. I like reviewing my life and deciding what I can do better. And when I don’t meet all of those goals, I don’t beat myself up.

So for the year of 2012, My Resolutions:

1) Do nice things for the people I love. I kinda have a goal to do something nice for MrC at least once a day. A couple days ago, I moved the truck so he could park his car in the garage. Nothing HUGE but still… it’s something nice that he didn’t have to ask me to do. I know some days will be a challenge for this. (Like last night when I considered my ‘nice thing’ to be not calling him an asshole. To his face.)

2) Go visit my sister in Nashville. So she hasn’t exactly invited me yet but I got her and my nephews passes to the Nashville Zoo. So I’m thinking I may go down there one weekend to go with them to the zoo and hang out. I’ve never been down to see her or my nephews so hey, it’s about time.

3) Volunteer to watch my nieces & nephews. This is sort of terrifying. For everyone involved. But I can imagine that if I was a parent, I would love for someone to volunteer to watch my kids (for free) while I go out with friends or the significant other.

4) Take the dogs for a walk at least twice a week. The dogs LOVE to go on walks. But with as much as I’ve been working, I don’t get home until after dark. I need to work on this.

5) Send a birthday card to every single sibling this year. And my nieces & nephews. I’m really bad about buying a birthday card, signing it, and then it sits on my desk. I can’t put money in every card b/c well… that’s a lot of money. But I can at least send a card. Also, I’m already one behind on this one since my youngest nephew’s birthday was yesterday. Gah.

6) Go see the Hunger Games movie with HFriend. I only see HFriend once or so a year. And every time I do, I’m always like “You know, I really like her. She’s fabulous.” And then I only see her once the next year too. But this year we saw each other TWICE and on the second time we realized our mutual love for the Hunger Games books. So we set a date to go see the movie. And I’m NOT. GOING. TO. FLAKE. OUT. HFriend is my oldest friend (since elementary–ish) and the fact that we still see each other sometimes amazes me.

7) Visit my grandma. She’s my last remaining grandparent and I honestly like visiting with her. She always has stories to tell or funny things she remembers. I need to make time to see her.

8) Go to the doctor. ALL OF THEM. I haven’t been to the dentist since I started at my new job. Gross.. but I HATE finding a new dentist. I haven’t found one that I’ve loved since the dentist I had when I lived at my parents house. I did, however, finally find an eye doctor that I love. And he’s even in our town. And there’s no dermatologist within like 40 miles of my house but I’m determined to find one. My face has been breaking out since I got this job last October. It’s getting ridiculous.

9) Save more money. MrC and I make decent money. Since we have 2 houses, our savings potential is limited but we should be saving more than what we are. I’m thinking about getting Dave Ramsay’s book b/c I’m not doing a good job of keeping track of what we spend on groceries or going out. Since I’m in charge of the money, I need to get things under control.

10) Lastly, I want to lose weight. Gah. That’s been one every year and I kept it for last b/c it’s BORING and something everyone wants to do. But we’re going on a cruise in May and they take SO. MANY. pictures of you when you’re on a cruise. (Dinners, excursions, etc) On our last cruise, I would look at every one of them and think “I hate my body”. This year, I don’t want to do that. I have 5 months. My goal is to be running 5 miles at the end of those 5 months. Those that know me know that I hate running distance… I was always a sprinter. So it’ll be a challenge.

11) Oh! I thought of one more. This year, I want to ride a horse again. I love riding horses. I’m not good at it and most of the time it terrifies me. But I did take some lessons and even if it’s just a trail ride on a horse that wouldn’t go faster than a walk for no amount of sugar cubes… well, that’s okay.

What about you? What are your resolutions?

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4 Responses to “2012 New Years Resolutions”

  1. John K Says:

    I think yours are really good I try to do nice things for good people and avoid the bad ones. My biggest goal is to live a healthier lifestyle and try not to get upset at the stupid things. I have been taking steps to achive these goals avoiding fast food, fights, etc but can always improve.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I love your goals!

    Your number 3 is awesome. I would absolutely LOVE if someone would offer to watch my girls free of charge so Josh and I could go out. So sweet of you to think of this.

    Jealous that you have a sister in Nashville. Oh how I want to go to Tennessee!

    Hunger Games! So excited I can hardly stand it. My sister and I are going to go together.

    My goals…in part:

    Spend less time in front of this screen and more time with my family and friends in person.
    Read at least a book per month.
    Make Date Night a priority. Josh and I spend so little time just the two of us.
    Ride 200 miles on my bike per month.
    Be better with the money Josh makes. For a single income family we do well. But I’m awesome at blowing the money instead of saving it. Yuck.

    Here’s to us and our resolutions. We can so do these!

  3. hair Says:

    It helped

  4. Wendy Says:

    Those all sounds like good new year’s resolutions. I like #11! I used to ride horses and it was sooo much fun. Actually, I kind of rode a Great Dane yesterday (trying to hold her down while Hubby clipped her toe nails), so I guess that almost counts.

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