My bad habit - follow up

Wow. Two posts within two weeks. I’m on a roll!

Really I wanted to check in and see how certain commenters were doing (Sara, Sarah, and Mrs. Captain, I’m looking at you!) with their own phone-and-driving habits. Me? I’m doing pretty darn good. The first day, I surprised myself with how often I reached for my phone, mindlessly. I actually laughed out loud at myself after the 5th time b/c REALLY SELF? I also noticed that I reach for my phone more often when I have a lot on my mind (mainly my neverending to-do list). But so far I’m sticking to my no-messing-with-phone-while-driving. (Note that this doesn’t include talking on the phone or GPS-using (which is rare) but with no facebook, twitter, or scrabble? It has taken away 98% of my phone-on-the-road using).

I will say that Wendy even said said something that I think but didn’t say in my blog post… when I hear someone wrecked from texting & driving, I think to myself that they were doing it wrong. She also brought up how when you have time to enjoy the things around you, you tend to savor the moment. (in better wording, but still truthful)

┬áSo, fess up! How’s the habit breaking going?

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  1. Sarah Lee Says:

    I’m sucking at it. There. I said it. CRAP!

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