Relationship Test

MrC and I have been together for 6.5 years.

It’s safe to say we’ve been through a lot. Deaths, births, job loss, job changes, graduation, depressions, big fights, little fights, buying houses, moving…. we’ve been through a lot. That being said, I fully believe that we are getting ready to face our hardest obstacle yet.

MrC invited his mom and her husband to stay with us while they are in town. And then he tells me that he will be in Canada for the first 3 days of that trip. (Not to mention that he didn’t discuss this with me first)

Now before you start thinking of me as the bitch-of-a-future-daughter-in-law, you have to understand that MrC’s mom is different than most. MrC’s grandma once told me that I needed to treat her like a child b/c her thinking is more child-like than adult-like. She didn’t mean anything bad about it, and I try to keep that mentality in mind…. but OMG it’s so hard.

For those who don’t remember, there are past incidences of run-ins with his mom. I’m generally an easy-going person but she has a habit of being passive aggressive to get a reaction out of people (most often MrC so that he will show her attention). An example of an instance is when, after getting engaged after 6 months of knowing a guy (and making it her 4th marriage), she held out her ring to me and said “Aren’t you jealous?”

MrC’s mom and I got into a fight when she came down to the lake one weekend and she tried to lie to MrC about things (”She has NEVER said she was thankful for anything I’ve done!” to which MrC told her she was wrong b/c he had heard me always say thank you and show appreciation) and that was when we were only together for 2 days.

┬áThe other kicker is that our dog died while she was watching her back in May when we were on our cruise. She claims our 8-pound-dog jerked the leash out of her hand and ran into traffic. I know she wouldn’t have hurt our dog on purpose, but I’m still bitter about that. That was our baby. And now she’ll be home with our pets (I’m on second shift that week as well) and she has a tendency to ignore things we tell her (we actually caught her not putting our dog on a leash when we had specificially told her she needed to be on one). Honestly, if another one of our pets dies b/c of her negligence, I will never speak to her again. For those who don’t know me in person, I mean that 100%.

The other addition to this is that her husband will be with her. Her husband is… odd. Very odd. He tends to have very long, awkward silences over simple questions (Me: “Is MrC’s mom home?” Him: PAAAAAUUUUUUSSSSSEEEEEE) and when I see him at their house, he tends to be shirtless. The shirtless thing isn’t bad, NORMALLY. But it weirds me out that when people come over you would be shirtless. MrC has a nice muscular chest and he doesn’t go shirtless when guests come over. And since MrC will be out of town, it’ll be me, MrC’s mom, and AwkwardHusband for 3 days. Just awkward silencing the hell out of each other.

So there you have it. I’m a horrible person but I’m dreading that week. (The last week in October). Feel free to share your own horror stories.

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2 Responses to “Relationship Test”

  1. bekah Says:

    Yeah….pretty sure that sounds awful. I would not be looking forward to it either! She sounds like a lunatic! Why are they going to be in town when Mr C is not? I would tell him to tell her that she needs to reschedule. (Actually I probably wouldnt, but I would WANT to)

  2. Sarah Lee Says:

    Why is it that family has to be so hard to accommodate but if it were friends coming to stay it’d be no big deal at all? At least that’s how it’s been for me. Give me friends staying over family, any day.

    Maybe make a list of projects that you could work on in the three days you’ll be alone with them so that you don’t have to just hang out with them. Might keep your mind off of things?

    I’ll be praying for you that last week of October that things go well. You can do it!!

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