Wedding tidbits

Hello world!

6 months later I finally “unhide” this blog. Yay!

I have lots to say about the whole ‘getting married’ thing but for now- a couple of tidbits:

1) Our wedding was amazing. It was very “us” and the only regret I have is not changing back into my wedding dress after our first dance. MrC and I did a tango dance which would’ve been impossible in my poofy wedding dress… and with the huge relief of the dance being over (I think I was more nervous for that than the wedding), the thought of standing for another 15 minutes while my buttons got rebuttoned just wasn’t appealing. Nothing I can do about it now, but I DO regret it.

2) I didn’t cry on my wedding day. At all. Not when my mom gave me my grandma’s garter to wear (I tear up NOW thinking about it), not when my parents surprised us with a choreographed dance of their own, (watching the video, I cried), not when I walked down the aisle, not when I saw MrC for the first time… nothing. I think it was either block it all out, or be an emotional wreck and I chose to block it out. I’m so glad my parents thought to videotape everything because I got to go back through our wedding and see all the pieces I missed (everyone else walking down the aisle) and the parts I can cry at now.

3) I was really surprised at how long everyone stayed. We had considered stopping everything at 11pm but we decided to go until midnight and there was still A LOT of people there.

4) We had several people tell us it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. It was expensive. It was time consuming. But it was wonderful. We had an open bar and great food… and we worked with some great vendors.

5) I’m still trying to get used to the whole ‘new last name’ thing. While there was never a doubt that I would take his last name, it’s still hard to get used to. I haven’t changed it at work yet due to not having my new social security card yet, but it should show up within the next 2 weeks… and then I’ll be MrsC.


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  1. Melina Says:

    We need to blog more.

    I’m thinking of starting a new blog. I just popped over here to see if there was anything new!

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